Alexa & Alexa Yucca Valley Couples Portraits

Yucca Valley Couples Photography: Love in a Boulder Field

Fun fact: if you walk around the fence on our property, there's a dirt road to the left of our house. Follow it for a couple minutes and you'll find yourself standing in front of a massive, breathtaking boulder field. Just another reason we love Yucca Valley so very much. Even more fun fact: if you have two really awesome friends in love you can take them back there and photograph them. So that's what we did!

A Note About Moving

As some of you already know, we finally made the big trek out to our new home this week! It was a massive adventure and undertaking, packing up a 16' truck with all our belongings and somehow towing our Fiat on the back across the country. Nevertheless, we're so excited to now put an emphasis on Yucca Valley couples photography with our work. There's so much to see and to explore here, and we can't wait to represent our new home with our photography.

Quarantine Hangs with the Bestest

This probably goes without saying, but we absolutely couldn't have done this without the help of our friends Alex and Alexa. Alex kept Mitch company on the drive out, and Alexa flew in to join us when they arrived. (I had to fly due to Eloise not being particularly fond of road trips... and no surprise, she's not much for flights either.) They aided us in the seemingly endless task of unpacking and cleaning, and definitely soothed our moving woes with lots of deep belly laughs and countless memories. It's pretty weird times right now, especially with making a new home in the midst of a pandemic. But we couldn't have had a better time spending the quarantine with our friends and staying away from everyone in nature together.

We also want to make a note that we all got here before the stay at home order was put in place, and we would definitely not have all traveled if it had initiated beforehand. We all seemed to get here just in the nick of time, and we made a definite point to isolate ourselves from the rest of the world once it was put in place.

The Good Stuff

So, here's some moments we captured of Alex and Alexa before they headed back East. It's always such a joy to capture two people deeply in love, but even more so when they're people you love, too. Play the tunes below and take a peek. And if you like what we do and want us to capture you too, reach out to us here!

Oh, and pssst... Alex and Alexa are super talented photographers themselves! Check out Alex at The Wayferers and Alexa at Blueberry Rocket Studios and see some of their amazing work.

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