Grand Teton National Park Elopement

This was a special elopement for a few reasons. Firstly, Grand Teton National Park has been one of the top places on my bucket list for a long time, so I was more that ecstatic to check this one off the list. Secondly, this wasn't just a regular elopement, this was a double elopement - Kaylyn and Frances, and Stella and Gino - two couples and best friends sharing the same beautiful day together. Although technically both couples had already been married, due to Covid they'd never gotten the opportunity to celebrate and take the photos they wished they could. So we treated the day as one giant Grand Teton National Park elopement, in celebration of their love individually as couples and of their friendship with one another.

We spent the morning on horseback, winding through the grassy fields amongst the Tetons. Then, we made our way out to a few different spots within Grand Teton National Park, meandering through various fields, trying to work around the rain. But my favorite spot by far was our last stop: Mormon Row Historic District. By this point the sky was promising a big storm, so we ran through the fields and tried to shoot as much as possible. Believe it or not, we almost skipped this spot entirely, and I'm so glad we didn't. Even despite the gloomy weather, the soft, indirect light created this dewy glow on everyone that gave it this almost angelic feel.

Thank you so much Kaylyn, Frances, Stella and Gino, for including me in your day and for entrusting me with capturing your memories. It was such a special day that I'll forever hold close to my heart.

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